An important question is, whether it is possible to create a better, peaceful society, while individuals have no peace and harmony inside yet.

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What is independent spirituality?

from our old forum:

Pieter I.Spirit.:

What we mean with independent spirituality:

Everything concerning spiritual life, without accepting dogmas from organised religion, sects, so called holy books, gurus, saints, boddhisattva’s, etc…

Because all this is no genuine insight, but second hand information, belief, formed by others and accepted by us via our conditioning.

Still these resources can contain interesting information, which we are willing to investigate with an open mind.

It’s about being open to see all dimensions of life itself, instead of letting the eye flaps of belief restrict you.

Pieter I.Spirit.


Hallo Pieter,

I found your website by typing “independent spirituality” into You certainly don’t have to convince me of the value of independent spirituality! My reason for writing this post is because I am interested in your answers to those “Essential life questions”, especially these two questions: Read the rest of this entry »

A world without organised religion

How would a world look without organised religion? Do you think it would be chaos? What happens when people live without all the conditioning that is put on their minds and hearts by religion, during their life? At least it’s impossible then to start a war because of contradictory religions. Read the rest of this entry »

What about belief, religions and sects?

Believing has always something of a risk. Actually it’s a gamble, while we hope that this belief is according to the truth. But on what do our belief is based? Again it is our conditioning which defines what we believe. Education, culture, “intuition” let us decide to follow a certain belief, or on the contrary, to resist. But, how far can we trust those conditionings? What has this to do with reality? And why do we want to believe? Why do we accept the authority of an organisation, guru, prophet or pope who “knows”? How can we judge that from our own ignorance? Read the rest of this entry »

Is science the faith of Richard Dawkins?

In this documentary “Root of all evil”, Richard Dawkins, an Oxford professor, is asking questions about brainwashing children with the religion of their parents. He mentions the fact that so many children are “victims” of religion conditionings, without the freedom of deciding for themselves how to look to the world. Sad facts indeed, that lead to lots of conflicts in the world today. But, he seems to consider scientific theories as “proven facts”. Although the way parents educate their children can very well be questioned, one can also question the “faith” of science, based on logical thinking. Won’t theories be changing forever? Can they ever be complete? Can thought, which is the past and never the present, ever be complete? Read the rest of this entry »