An important question is, whether it is possible to create a better, peaceful society, while individuals have no peace and harmony inside yet.

About Independent

Quest for open minded people

Welcome at our website where we try to gather people with interest in spirituality, unbounded by any religion, sect or premised thinking direction or belief. Open minded people, who try to see life in cosmic connection and to live in spiritual harmony. Also we are open to the invisible, which can, just by that, turn out to become very visible.

We don’t consider authority of religions, gurus, holy books, etc., necessary to let appear a peaceful mind. We experience dogmatic “leading” rather as an obstruction.
Don’t think that spiritual development is impossible without these “examples”. On the contrary.

You can read more about this in the section “Independent Spirituality”

On this website, you can also find information about natural life, holistic health care, the state of our planet, alternative information sources and everything that can expand life in a sound way.

All this information, also from others, is presumed to be given from this untied vision.

Most posts from our old forum at were transmitted to this site.

This site is updated regularly, although the dutch version covers more items at this time. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you want to contribute. Just push the contact button.

Don’t forget to tell your friends with a similar attitude, about this independent spirituality connection.

I wish you all the light and love,

Pieter — Independent Spirituality