An important question is, whether it is possible to create a better, peaceful society, while individuals have no peace and harmony inside yet.

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What is independent spirituality?

from our old forum:

Pieter I.Spirit.:

What we mean with independent spirituality:

Everything concerning spiritual life, without accepting dogmas from organised religion, sects, so called holy books, gurus, saints, boddhisattva’s, etc…

Because all this is no genuine insight, but second hand information, belief, formed by others and accepted by us via our conditioning.

Still these resources can contain interesting information, which we are willing to investigate with an open mind.

It’s about being open to see all dimensions of life itself, instead of letting the eye flaps of belief restrict you.

Pieter I.Spirit.


Hallo Pieter,

I found your website by typing “independent spirituality” into You certainly don’t have to convince me of the value of independent spirituality! My reason for writing this post is because I am interested in your answers to those “Essential life questions”, especially these two questions: Read the rest of this entry »

Waiting for science?

Until today, science seems to use rational thinking almost exclusively. Other possibilities to observe reality are excluded. Moreover, most scientists want to only investigate phenomena which they can observe following their own norms, repeatedly and categorisable.

Read the rest of this entry »

Can the ego evolve to a higher form?

Often we hear that it is important to have a good and strong image of oneself. But just isn’t that image the basis of inner conflicts? Every time this self image is not what you like, you have to adjust it. A never-ending struggle to become what you are not. The idea that the ego, which is a division of thought, could possibly evolve into a higher ego is an invention of that same human thinking with its conditioning. It stays within duality. So there is no need to take a road from ego A to ego B. When this whole mechanism is seen thoroughly, it just disappears.

Is it possible to live without conditioning?

It is easy to just say that it is possible or that it is not, but you can only discover that yourself, by digging into the functioning of the mind. When you really understand automatic reactions, while they are taking place, they don’t get any chance anymore, unless they are functional.

You do need automatic reactions to drive a car, but not so for living spiritually, for dealing with people, etc. Insight in this is something completely different than analysis or logic understanding. Insight doesn’t need time. Analysis does and moreso it is always uncomplete.

A healthy mind in a healthy body?

The finding that health of the body is an important base for good functioning of the mind, is yet very old. Though society produces mostly unhealthy food en drinks and a lot of stuff that doesn’t even deserve this name. The word “healthy” being misused on a big scale just to boost sales. Our intuition, whose task is to let us know what is good for us, just lets us down easily. It’s a big task to become healthy or stay healthy, without body-destroying poisons. On the other side, health is just a foundation. The mind is mostly defined by good old conditioning. And the mind defines how you live, eat, drink, digest, create nutrition and hormones. So it is an interaction. Can we break that circle?

Individual and society

It is very understandable that people from all over the world are trying to change society by politics, actions, terror, pressure groups, development aid programs, etc.

Still the big question is, can individuals who don’t know themselves what harmony really is, what inner peace is, and therefore are themselves living in permanent inner conflict as almost everyone else, can they really take the right decisions, creating a peaceful society? Isn’t it resembling to a group of blind people, trying to make one painting? The conflict between individuals and society is a conflict of every individual, who is not capable of observing clearly. Being conscious that you are creating the image you have of society, is hereto essential.

Peace in the world?

People who have inner peace blossoming, will also create a peaceful society automatically. Therefore isn’t it urgent to probe into oneself to discover the real cause of inner conflict? Read the rest of this entry »

A world without organised religion

How would a world look without organised religion? Do you think it would be chaos? What happens when people live without all the conditioning that is put on their minds and hearts by religion, during their life? At least it’s impossible then to start a war because of contradictory religions. Read the rest of this entry »

What is a peaceful mind?

Of course it is impossible to create a genuine picture of a peaceful mind from within a confused mind. A confused mind is captured in conditioning, and that conditioning is, also subconsciously, build up with the past. What’s up now? Mission impossible? What we can do indeed is to drop everything which obstructs our spiritual freedom and what is based upon what is untrue. Then we’ll just see what comes up. This requires a certain courage. Because there are plenty of ways offered to — with some puzzle work — make spiritual life more pleasant. But for how long? After that you will land in the real world again and nothing really changed.