An important question is, whether it is possible to create a better, peaceful society, while individuals have no peace and harmony inside yet.

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What is a harmonious relationship, love?

This is one of the most current questions for a lot of people. Just why is it so difficult to have a steady, harmonious relationship?

Maybe this is not so surprising, when you see most people living in confusion. Also one creates an image of the other, therefore making a deep spiritual contact impossible. When both do this, one image has a relationship with the other image, while both spirits should have a relationship. Is that love? Or is it attraction and taking advantage of each other? A kind of exchange and satisfaction of needs. Often only the bright side of the other is really accepted. Real love is not about give and take, but give and give unconditionally. Without any expectations whatsoever. Both partners also should have enough common frequencies, on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level, to get a long term successful relationship. Harmonious relationships seem to be quite rare, but those who experience it, know the beauty of it.