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Travel destinations with a difference

Maybe you are not satisfied with common travel destinations. Maybe you’re looking for an environment, where you can learn or experience something in a nice spiritual atmosphere, with vegetarian food …

Here we try to present other possibilities.

Keep us current on your experiences and discoveries.



Travelling the natural way

peacenomads400Hooded carts, horses, donkeys, goats, natural life during pilgrimages with Christine Timmermans (Belgian tv).


Spiritual vacation in the land of the Cathars

“uncommon” vacations on a wonderful spot at the foot of the Pyrenees – France.

Sail with a threemaster

oosterscheldeOosterschelde’s homeport is Rotterdam in the Netherlands, from where she started sailing cargo in 1918. She is the largest Dutch restored sailing ship and sails all around the world. You can sail along with her.

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