An important question is, whether it is possible to create a better, peaceful society, while individuals have no peace and harmony inside yet.

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What is independent spirituality?

from our old forum:

Pieter I.Spirit.:

What we mean with independent spirituality:

Everything concerning spiritual life, without accepting dogmas from organised religion, sects, so called holy books, gurus, saints, boddhisattva’s, etc…

Because all this is no genuine insight, but second hand information, belief, formed by others and accepted by us via our conditioning.

Still these resources can contain interesting information, which we are willing to investigate with an open mind.

It’s about being open to see all dimensions of life itself, instead of letting the eye flaps of belief restrict you.

Pieter I.Spirit.


Hallo Pieter,

I found your website by typing “independent spirituality” into You certainly don’t have to convince me of the value of independent spirituality! My reason for writing this post is because I am interested in your answers to those “Essential life questions”, especially these two questions: Read the rest of this entry »

Is it possible to live without conditioning?

It is easy to just say that it is possible or that it is not, but you can only discover that yourself, by digging into the functioning of the mind. When you really understand automatic reactions, while they are taking place, they don’t get any chance anymore, unless they are functional.

You do need automatic reactions to drive a car, but not so for living spiritually, for dealing with people, etc. Insight in this is something completely different than analysis or logic understanding. Insight doesn’t need time. Analysis does and moreso¬†it is always uncomplete.

Is it possible to live in the moment?

You can’t possibly do an effort to live in the present. Mental effort on itself is already an endeavour that moves away itself from the present. There is no lack of meditation systems, but it is not because you paralysed your mind by mantra’s or artificial circumstances, that you are living in the now. Only when thought is not the ruler of your existence, but is at your life’s service only when it is functionally needed, then there is the mental silence and then you are living in the present. Circumstances and emotions can be hectic or serene as well, because the flame of consciousness is not touched by the storms of life.